Corrales Bike and Wine Tour 

August 12th or 13th

Featuring the great wineries from the Corrales Wine Loop and  Algodones

Casa Abril Winery  

Here at Casa Abril, we are firm believers of Vivir meaning not only 'To Live' but, more importantly, To Celebrate!

Beneath the blue skies and within the natural folds of the New Mexico desert, a doorway from long ago opens to a new oasis born from a wine lovers passion. The lush and vibrant vineyards of Casa Abril create a new chapter in the 400 year old Vigil/Romero legacy, bringing into focus the spirit of Raymond Vigil and his family. Combining the music of laughter, the closeness of family and the desire to produce a successful product, Casa Abril Vineyards and Winery is more than its fragrant, well-rounded wine; it is a Spanish Family experience.

Casa Abril Vineyards & Winery
Attn: Raymond Vigil
01 Camino Abril
Algodones, NM 87001